Throughout each school year, the Middle School Matters Institute (MSMI) provides a series of webinars for schools to engage in continued professional development. These webinars focus specifically on one content dimension of the Middle School Matters Field Guide and feature an MSMI researcher. Webinars are recorded and available below for viewing.

March 2015 Webinar
Math Instruction and Intervention
Presented by: Sarah Powell, The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk, The University of Texas at Austin

During this webinar, Dr. Sarah Powell shares applicable research-based tools and strategies that schools can incorporate in their classrooms immediately. More specifically, Dr. Powell discusses strategies for problem solving, fraction computation, concept of slope, and assessment considerations.

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February 2014 Webinar
CSR-Collaborative Strategic Reading
Presented by: Sharon Vaughn and Michael Solis, The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk

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November 2013 Webinar
Early Warning Systems—What Research and Practice Say About Indicators and Interventions
Presented by: Robert Balfanz, Johns Hopkins University

Early warning indicators and data systems can identify students at risk of dropping out and in need of support to improve academic performance. These systems can help schools organize to reduce the risk of disengagement from and/or dropping out of school, as well as improve academic performance. During this webinar, Balfanz presents a brief overview of early warning indicators, describes the importance of collecting these data, provides guidance on the examination and interpretation of data, and demonstrates various ways to respond to the data through interventions.

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Using Data to Keep All Students on Track to Graduation: Team Playbook
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Video: Engaging Reluctant Parents
Video: Russell Middle School
Video: Wright Middle School data meeting
Podcast: Selecting an Evidence-Based Practice or Program
Video: A principal’s feedback from an observation
Video: Math and science professional development
Video: Response to intervention and English language learners