Strategic Action Plan Template

Step 2 of the Middle School Matters Strategic Planning Process is Goal Setting and Action Planning.

The Middle School Matters Strategic Action Plan Template allows educators to develop measurable goals and specific action steps and deadlines for improving or enhancing research-based instruction. It is intended to be completed after using the Middle School Matters Self-Assessment tool, which helps educators identify any practices currently lacking in typical instruction.


After conducting the self-assessment, select a few key principles to focus on during the upcoming school year. Use one template per instructional practice.
First, develop a measurable implementation goal, identify the desired student impact, and insert baseline data.
Next, create your action plan by inserting information for each phase of implementation: planning, implementation, monitoring and reflection, and refinement.
Return to your plan often during leadership team meetings. Make adjustments along the way.

Download Templates

action plan templates

Blank Action Plan Template

Completed Example Action Plan Template

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