Reading Throughout the Content Areas

Getting Started with Research-Based Instruction in Reading


the nine reading principles and practices
Reading Instructional Practices  


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reading and reading interventions


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collaborative strategic reading

Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR)

Description: A set of reading strategies that students apply in collaborative groups to improve their comprehension of content area text and increase conceptual learning.

Content Areas: Science, social studies


Generating leveled questions

Generating Leveled Questions

Description: A strategy that prompts students to pause at regular intervals to generate and answer their own questions about the text they've read, citing information from the text.

Content Areas: ELA, science, social studies


Get the GistGet the Gist

Description: A strategy to help students identify and clearly state the main idea of a paragraph.

Content Areas: ELA, science, social studies


Summarization for Comprehension

Description: A strategy that helps students remember the most important information from text by teaching them to combine main ideas and significant details into a succinct summary.

Content Areas: ELA, science, social studies



Frayer Model

Description: A graphic organizer used to build vocabulary and increase conceptual understanding of key concepts across content areas.

Content Area: ELA, math, science, social studies



Happy teenage middle school or highschool students in class.

Vocabulary Maps

Description: A graphic organizer that improves vocabulary by explicitly teaching students important and unfamiliar words.

Content Area: ELA, math, science, social studies



reading interventions

Identifying Students for Reading Intervention

Description: A process used to quickly identify students who are struggling with reading or are at risk for reading difficulties.

Content Areas: School-wide process; All students should be screened


increase positive behavior

Selecting and Implementing Reading Interventions

Description: The resources in this toolkit will help educators learn about reading intervention in the middle grades, select or design appropriate interventions, and provide tools for implementing and monitoring reading intervention.

Content Areas: School-wide