Revising and Editing Strategies


Revising and editing are two essential pieces of the writing process. Revising refers to  improving the content of the writing (ideas, order, clarify) while editing focuses on correcting basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation. When teachers give students strategies for revising and editing, students develop the capacity to self-regulate their own learning and writing. Explicit instruction of these strategies, with a gradual release, helps students further develop the craft of writing to effectively express their ideas.

Field Guide Alignment: Writing and Writing Intervention, Principle 2, Practice 2


Learn about the strategy

PowerPoint for teachers
Developed by The Utah Education Network

Overview of instructional practices
Developed by Write for Texas

Developed by Edutopia (Rebecca Alber, author)


See the strategy in action

Demo video for teachers; includes materials
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Instructional video for students
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Demo video for students
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Informational video for students
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Providing writing feedback for revisions
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Use the strategy

Overview handout and materials
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Lesson plan and student material
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Rubric/student handout
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Student handout
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Lesson plan and student material
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