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Explicit vocabulary instruction is an effective method for teaching students important and unfamiliar words. Explicit instruction requires content area teachers to (1) select a manageable number of words that are critical to understanding the main ideas and key points in a lesson or unit, (2) determine how each word’s meaning will be conveyed to students, and (3) develop examples and nonexamples to illustrate each word.

Teacher-developed “vocabulary maps” are graphic organizers that typically contain a vocabulary word, student-friendly definition, visual representation, synonyms, example sentences, and prompts for student “turn and talk” activities. This information is presented directly to students in a whole-group format at a brisk pace before reading text.

Field Guide Alignment: Reading Principle 2, Practice 1


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Explicit vocabulary instruction in 6th grade Language Arts 
Developed by Dr. Anita Archer

Explicit vocabulary instruction in 8th grade Geometry
Developed by Dr. Anita Archer


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