Helping Teachers Use Data Effectively

Using data to drive decisions that improve student and school performance requires open and honest dialogue among teachers, administrators, parents, and other stakeholders. Principals should provide guidance, support, and tools to ensure teachers are knowledgeable and prepared to use data effectively to inform classroom decisions.

Field Guide Alignment: Performance Management, Principle 3


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Practice guide
Developed by the Institute of Education Sciences

Practice guide
Developed by the Institute of Education Sciences

Answers to common struggles
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Ethical considerations for educators
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PD guide with accompanying documents
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Teacher's testimonial
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Overview and recommendations
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Three phases of examining data
Developed by Fairfax County Public Schools

Spotlight on Wright Middle School
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Expert interview
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Data Analysis for Instructional Decision Making: Team Process

Sample meeting agenda and script
Developed by RTI Action Network

Sample meeting protocols
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Guide for gathering data through conversation
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