Mathematics and Mathematics Interventions

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mathematics instructional practices


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mathematics and mathematics interventions


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mathematics instructional practices



Conceptual Understanding

Visual Representations

Description: The use of number lines, area models, manipulatives, etc. to illustrate math concepts so students increase their understanding of abstract math ideas

Content Areas: Math, Science


number lines

Number Lines

Description: Number lines can be used to enhance students' visual reasoning with numbers and investigate a variety of numerical relationships.

Content Areas: Math, Science

Word Problem Instruction

Schema-Based Instruction: Understanding the Structure of Word Problems

Description: Students learn common characteristics of different types of word problems so they can apply specific strategies to solve those problems and become more proficient at word problem solving.

Content Area: Math

Explicit and Systematic Instruction


Peer-Mediated Instruction to Support Mathematics Achievement

Description: Students work together, alternating in the role of tutor or coach, to learn mathematics.

Content Area: Math

Math Intervention


Universal Screening for Mathematics Difficulties

Description: Brief assessment that helps identify students at risk for mathematics difficulty and determine appropriate interventions

Content Area: Math