Improving Learning Through Retrieval Practice

Retrieval Practice involves engaging students in activities that require them to actively recall information that they have learned previously. This method has been demonstrated in a variety of classroom and lab studies. While it can take on a variety of formats, (i.e., discussion, writing, quizzing), retrieval practice is most effective when students are quizzed in a low-stakes setting such that they are practicing showing what they know.
        Synonymous Terms: Retrieval Practice, Testing Effect, Test-Enhanced Learning

Field Guide Alignment: Cognitive Science and Advanced Reasoning, Principle 1


Learn about the strategy

 Video on retrieval practice 
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Online Q&A article
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"Using Retrieval Practice and Metacognitive Skills to Improve Content Learning"

Online article & podcast
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See the strategy in action

Introduction & suggestion for timing

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Frequent quizzing as a learning opportunity
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Feedback to improve student learning

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How often to review content

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Mixed problem solving

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Mixed problem solving

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6-minute talk
by Dr. Elizabeth Ligon Bjork

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Dr. Mark McDaniel discusses
learning sciences

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Practice guide and implementation checklist
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Implementation tips and information
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Videos for students on retrieval benefits
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Types of retrieval practice and scheduling tips
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Blog post on implementation
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