Christy Murray

Christy MurrayChristy Murray is the principal investigator and project director for the Middle School Matters Institute. Previously Murray served as co-principal investigator of the English Learner Institute for Teaching and Excellence (Project ELITE) and as deputy director of the Center on Instruction’s special education and response to intervention work. During her 7 years in this role, she provided technical assistance to regional comprehensive centers and state departments of education, as well as developed products, publications, and professional development materials. She also has served as data coordinator on a longitudinal research study that examined the implementation of the 3-tier model in K–3 reading. Murray earned her master of arts degree in educational psychology from The University of Texas at Austin in 2004. Her research interests include response to intervention and effective reading instruction and intervention for struggling students. Prior to joining MCPER in 2002, she worked as an elementary school teacher, where she instructed students in both general and special education.