Improving Middle School Students’ Reading in ELA, Science, and Social Studies

The Middle School Matters team is pleased to offer FREE SUPPORT to middle schools in central Texas!

As part of an Institute of Education Sciences (IES)-funded research project, our team (in collaboration with current middle school educators) is developing a professional development (PD) model specifically for middle schools to help them implement research-based reading practices in content areas, including English/language arts, science, and social studies.  

This PD model includes:

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  • Professional development that goes beyond “sit and get” and includes in-class lesson demonstrations, coaching, and lesson planning support
  • Follow-up support informed by teacher needs
  • User-friendly instructional tools and resources co-designed by researchers and educators
  • An updated Middle School Matters Field Guide, which identifies and describes reading practices proven effective by rigorous research




We’ve Been Providing Support Since 2013

The Middle School Matters Institute has provided in-person support to 21 schools and remote support to over 100 schools since 2013.  We’re combining our “lessons learned” over the years with the expertise of a nationally-renowned Advisory Board and current educators to design a new and improved version of our professional development so that we can continue helping schools across the nation.

Watch this short video to hear how Middle School Matters supported one Texas middle school.

PD Topics

Schools will receive PD focused on research-based literacy practices that can be used in all ELAR, science, and social studies classrooms during the 2019 – 2020 or 2020 – 2021 school year.  Topics may include:

  • Question writing as a way to support reading comprehension
  • Essential Words Routine (vocabulary)
  • Get the Gist (main idea) and summarization
  • Text reading formats and strategies


Schools will receive:

  • Stipends for all participating teachers and instructional leaders
  • A Middle School Matters Coach, who will coordinate all support activities with your assistance and collaboration
  • On-site professional development, PLUS in-class modeling of strategies and refinement PD via PLC/department meetings
  • Copies of the MSM Field Guide and access to other instructional materials not yet publicly available
  • A final data report showing the success of the project
  • Continuing Professional Education credits for teachers that attend PD
  • The school will incur NO COSTS, as all activities are covered by funds provided by the Institute of Education Sciences

Ultimately, schools that engage in MSM Support will receive a year of completely customized HIGH-QUALITY support at their campus for absolutely FREE.

ELA, science, and SS teachers will receive materials and professional development focused on research-based practices that help them engage and support students’ text reading in their classes.